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Flare: Getting Started

By Paul
Published in Airplane
March 07, 2021
1 min read

Have you read our article about what Flare is? If you haven’t, take a look quick before getting started!

At this time Flare is unsupported on Windows.

First Time Setup

Add Java Flags

Flare requires just two flags be added to your startup script:

-XX:+UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions -XX:+DebugNonSafepoints

This will allow the async-profiler to properly profile your server.

Install JDK Debug Symbols

To use the profiler, you’ll first need to install the JDK debug symbols. This is different depending on the distro and version of Java you’re using.

If you’re using Oracle’s JDK, the debug symbols are included in the package and you can skip this section.

Ubuntu & Debian

If you’re using Ubuntu or Debian, each openjdk-<version> package has a matching openjdk-<version>-dbg package. The command will look something like this:

sudo apt install openjdk-<version>-dbg


yum install java-<version>-openjdk-devel-debug

Setting the Access Token

Using Flare currently requires an access token tied to a subscribed Patreon account. To get your access token, first subscribe to Patreon then go to https://auth.airplane.gg to get your access token.

(The authentication service can take up to 5 minutes to recognize your token, if it takes longer then please open a ticket in #support on the Discrd.)

Inside your airplane.air you’ll find the following option:

# Options for connecting to Airplane's online utilities
   token = "<your access token>"

Once you put in your access token, you’ll have full access to Flare!

Patreon Limits

The amount of unique IPs you can use Flare on is determined by your tier on Patreon. The basic math is 1 + 1 per $5.

Using Flare

To use Flare in its simplest mode, all you have to do is run the Flare command:

/flare -> Flare has been started: https://flare.airplane.gg/mylink

Flare will then run for 15 minutes, however if you’d like to end it early you can just run /flare once again.


If you have any questions, please ask them on our Discord!


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